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For many years now, I along with several other relatives have been attempting to establish the history of our family and where we originated from in the first place. to answer these questions it is best to start searching or reading the page on Scotland first as our family originated in Normandy in France around the time of Charles I.

For those of us living in Australia we have managed to piece together all the known relations in this country from the first emigrant to Australia in 1856.

Our known English records for the WITCHARD family start with Charles Witchard who was reported to have been born in the year 1787  in Wiltshire. Charles married Hester Harriet May, June 16th 1813 at Ozleworth Gloucestershire Charles was an Agricultural laborer and could possibly have worked at Ganbrook Farm. Charles parents were Richard Whitcher and Susannah Knight.

As some of our family will wonder at the different spelling of Richard's surname, this is correct as per church and BDM records in the UK. According to some research that a cousin did in England in 1985 there are many registered spelling's of our surname. This can be akin to people in days gone by when the census people called, most of our relation and a lot of other families could not read or write and so this established the incorrect spelling of our family name through the years where today there are so many variations.

Charles's parents are registered as Richard Whitcher and Susannah Knight, reading back to Charles's siblings, he had three brothers - Edward, John and Thomas. Not much is known about Charles's parents or his siblings until we make a trip to the UK in the future to do some research.

With all the different spellings of our family name, it does become doubtful to some people as to the authenticity of some of the information at hand, but we have researched each piece to the best of our ability.

If there is anyone out there that can help with definate information on our family please don't hesitate to contact me or one of the other researchers listed below.


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Family Internet Contacts

Michelle Witchard, Herne Bay

Marlene Jackson nee Witchard, Brisbane QLD Australia

Leanda Vardy nee Sheather, Palmwood QLD Australia

Ken Witchard, Bega NSW Australia


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Ken Witchard
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Bega NSW 2550 Australia
Telephone: +61 2 64923060
Mobile: +61 428 500407

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