HMAS Success
HMAS Success Heard Island Southern Ocean

HMAS SUCCESS is an Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) vessel of 17933 tones fully loaded and 157.2 metres in length.

Based on the French 'DURANCE' Class Success was built in Australia by Cockatoo Dockyard Pty Ltd at Sydney. She was launched from their slipway on 3 March 1984 by her Launching Lady, Her Excellency Lady Stephen, wife of the Governor General and commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy on 23 April 1986. She is the largest ship built in Australia for the RAN and also the largest ever built in the port of Sydney.

One of two RAN Replenishment Ships, HMAS SUCCESS has the capability to provide fuel (F76 dieso, F44 avcat), ammunition, food and stores at sea whilst underway during the day or night.

Her embarked Sea King helicopter provides a Vertrep capability and anti-submarine weapon carrying platform. SUCCESS is a truly dynamic vessel designed to support a Naval Force for extended periods in an operational environment at sea. 

Laid Down: 9 August 1980
Launched: 3 March 1984
Commissioned: 23 April 1986
Builder: Cockatoo Island Dockyard, NSW
Displacement: 17 933 tonnes (full load)
Length: 157.2 metres
Beam: 21.2 metres
Armament: Two 20mm Phalanx Close In Weapon Systems Three 40/60mm Bofors guns, two fwd one aft
Four 0.5 machine guns
One utility helicopter
Machinery: Two independent propulsion systems, each consisting of a 16 PC 2-5V Pielstick ono-reversing medium speed diesel engine, developing 7,64O kw at 520 RPM
Speed: 19 knots (full load)
Ship's Company: 220

Contemporary maritime operation demand that naval combat units be supplied with fuel, ammunition, food and stores at sea whilst underway. HMAS SUCCESS is designed for this task.

She is capable of day and night replenishment to ships alongside and concurrently by her embarked helicopter to other ships in company.

Four main RAS (Replenishment At Sea) stations are fitted, two of which have dual functions and can be used to transfer either fuel or solids. RAS operations are controlled from a Cargo Control Room amidships.

During solid cargo transfer the load is supported by a traveler riding on a tensioned highline between SUCCESS and a fixed point in the receiving ship. During fuel transfers, the highline is used to support a hose which hangs from several traveling saddles and which has a quick connecting probe to mate with the fuel receiving point in the ship being fuelled.

The solids transfer stations are designed to handle sizeable loads of up to nearly 2 tones. All winches use hydraulic transmission with electro hydraulic controls. The RAS system is designed to cope with the extreme demands caused by ship motion in rough weather, and works extremely well. HMAS SUCCESS. thus enables RAN Fleet units to operate with a great degree of flexibility and independence from shore support than previously been possible from RAN sources.

The ship's company of 220 is required to operate and maintain the propulsion, replenishment and auxiliary machinery and support systems in SUCCESS. Providing underway replenishment support to the fleet is a challenging and continuing task requiring technical proficiency and high seamanship standards.

As would be expected in a modem warship, accommodation and recreation areas are spacious and well designed. Meals are provided from one centralized galley including a bakery. The medical centre includes an operating theatre, infirmary and dental surgery.

Ships Company Crew List

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Commanding Officer 2004 Commander Mark McIntosh RAN

Execuitive Officer 

Ships Publicity Officer: LT CMDR Ma

Bill Krause LCDR Commissioning Crew 

Rod Chivers LSETP Commissioning Crew

Derek Burford LSMTH Commissioning Crew 

Bob Tadin Chief Yeoman 03 - 

Leanne Hinton LS Bosun 2004

Mark Sampson POMTE 1992 - 2004 

Anthony D'Heureux SMN 2004 

Chris Appereey CPONPC 2004 

Amanda Strewart ABCIS 2004 

Erin Donuti ABSN 2004 

Tanya Brew ABCIS 2004 

Heidi Green ABBM 2004 

Blake Woolard ABBM 2004 

Kate Goggins SMNBM 2004 

Bruce O'Connor SMNBM 2004 

R.J.Woodward ABMTE 2004 

James Armstrong LSBM 2004 

Graeme Smith LSMT 2004 

Corey Doe LSMT 2004 

Richard Peart LSWTR 2004

Tony Alford 1997

Peter Mullens ABRP85 - 88 

Carl Reuben Chief Cook 1986

Paul Slick LSMTP 90 - 98

Ronnie Tullipan ABCSO(U) 2005

Rob Bradbury POMTE 94 - 96 Chief MTE 98 - 2000

Grant 'Pricky' Reid ABMT 97 - 2000 & 2001 - 2003

Chris Whybro ex: LSMTE 4.5 years service aboard Success.

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This section is dedicated to those of the ships company of HMAS Success who are no longer with us.
May they have fair seas and happy voyages.


David Ramsay,
Commissioning XO of HMAS SUCCESS

I regret to advise that David Ramsay died suddenly on the evening of 4 September 2012
while attending the current Ministerial talks in Jakarta, Indonesia as an advisor –
he was working with the AusAID program. He is survived by his wife and two sons.
Captain DJ Ramsay RAN (Rtd), son of the late Commodore Sir James, served as a junior officer
in HMAS BRISBANE 1970-1971, including the second gunline deployment, before joining the
Fleet Air Arm where he was an A4 pilot. Later he was commissioning XO of HMAS SUCCESS
and subsequently CO. In the latter part of his career, he served as Naval Attaché in Jakarta
and hence following his retirement from the Service he continued working with Indonesia.
As one of his yearmates, I mourn his loss – a fine man who has left us at too young an age (64).
Information supplied by Graham MacKinnell -


CMDR Peter Glazier 'RIP' Commissioning Crew Supply Officer

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