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To All Concerned

After a lot of searching we have received an offer of help from an ex Supply sailor who is willing to offer his services towards rebuilding the Tanker web site. We are looking forward to moving forward with this new proposal after some study of the new system. Hopefully this new development will mean the influx of new members and the return of old mates who have been quiet for some time. The Web site will be relocated to a new server and a more viable system. So keep an eye open for new developments in 2018.

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    Not sure of any interest in my present submission to Defence Honours and Awards for the AASM for the incident of 20th May 1963
when Melbourne went to Action Stations to force passage through rhe Sunda strait. 
At this time there a a few blokes that who served in Melbourne have no AASM, is the any of your blokes in a simular situation?
Best Regards 
Tas Browning R55175 Naval historian

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This not a good photo but it shows HMAS Supply in operation with the US 7th Fleet


The news below is definatly old and from 2016 but with our revamping of the site we sor fit to include something to read untill we can get things roling

Dear Members,

Received the sad news this morning from Ron Osborn that fellow NOC life member, Commodore John Goble, passed away peacefully yesterday at his Mona Vale nursing home. Commodore Goble was a WW2 veteran, having seen service in both the Pacific and European theatres. Last November, he was awarded the French Legion d’Honneur for his participation in the Normandy D-Day Landings. He was also a RAN Fleet Air Arm pioneer, and with the late Commander Digger Bourke, was among the first RANC graduates to be awarded his “wings” after flying training in the UK.

A summary of his distinguished service career is given below:

 John Goble was born in Brighton, Victoria and entered the RAN College in 1937. In December 1941 he was posted to HMAS CANBERRA for a short period and later served in HMAS AUSTRALIA in the Coral Sea and Solomon Islands actions during 1942. In 1943 he attended courses in the UK to qualify for promotion to Lieutenant and on completion, was posted to a Landing Craft (Assault) Flotilla that took part in the D-Day landing on 6 June 1944. He was then posted to HMS BATTLER, an escort carrier built in the USA and part of the British Eastern Fleet based at Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. He was among the first group of RAN officers to qualify as a pilot shortly after WW2 and served with the RN until 1948, which included a year in 827 Squadron on board HMS TRIUMPH, a Light Fleet Carrier. In 1949 he returned to Australia as a member of 816 Squadron on board HMAS SYDNEY and in 1951, he returned to the UK to attend the RAF Central Flying School. He then served as a Flying Instructor in the UK until returning to Australia to become CO of 817 Squadron. Between 1955 and 1959, he served on the Naval Aviation Staff, then a year as XO in the Battle Class destroyer, HMAS TOBRUK and from there as Commander (Air) in HMAS MELBOURNE. In 1960 he attended the US Armed Services Staff College and on return became Commander (Air) at NAS Nowra. In an unexpected move he was then posted as the first XO of HMAS SUPPLY. From 1964 to 1967 he was Director of Naval Air Policy. During this period the Government approved the acquisition of the Tracker and A4 Skyhawk aircraft. This was followed with two years with the Joint Planning Group in the Department of Defence. In 1969 he Commanded HMAS VAMPIRE and in 1970, HMAS STALWART. He then moved to Nowra in Command, which was followed by a year in the RAN Trials and Assessment Unit. After a six-month period as CO of the carrier HMAS MELBOURNE in the latter half of 1973, he was appointed COS to the Fleet Commander for two years. Commodore Goble retired from the RAN in February 1976 to study for a career in Law from which he retired in 1992.

 Commodore Goble’s funeral will be held at Anne Wilson Funerals, cnr Barrenjoey Road and Darley Street, Mona Vale, on Thursday 9th June at 14:00.

Information courtesy of John Hazell

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Just Received!

I am appealing to our ex Stokers and ex JR Members for help.

Can any body tell me the whereabouts of the following ex STOKER.

Christopher Lloyd Petersen
O/N R106731
Born 1953
Served 1 x trip. in H.M.A.S. SYDNEY Vietnam 1970.

Also can all members, ask other members of their JR & Recruit Divisions
if they can help (it may be he was direct entry).

I know the ME Branch was and is tight, any help within the branch would be appreciated..

Please contact me via this email or
Tel: 03 9720 8183
M: 04236 75416


David (Speed) Dwyer


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To all our fellow Tankermen

Recently we have seen the passing of several of our mates who have crossed the bar. Once again I bring sad news of the passing on Sunday May 15th of

CPOMTP Mick Guilfoyle

HMAS Supply 1972 - 1974

Mick will be missed by all who served with him including R.W. "Bubbles Currin who informed me this morning that Mick was the one who examined Bubbles for his Boiler ticket while aboard Supply.

Details of Mick's funeral arrangements wil be on the Stokers facebook page as soon as possible. His wake is to be held at the Penrith Bowles Club.

Information courtesy of Wally Flatt

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Just received information this evening that the widow of our late Chief Coxsn John Henry "Jack" King Heather, received an OAM today for her brilliant work with Nelson Bay RSL, particularly as Pres of the Womens’ Auxiiary, and also with Legacy. A thoroughly deserved recognition. When she sees Jack again, I’m sure he will claim involvement in the deal !!!

Information courtesy of Taffy Fauchon ex: PO WTR

HMAS Supply


2015 Awards to Ex Tankermen

Service Medallion awarded for first time


(Right) Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Tim Barrett AO CSC RAN presents Chief Petty Officer Bruce "Darcy" Dougan with the first service Gold Medallion after completing over 48 years of service in the Royal Australian Navy.

Chief Petty Officer Dougan has contributed nearly five decades of dedication to Navy engineering.
“I would like to acknowledge the service of the great majority of Navy people who dedicate large portions of their lives to the service of this nation and so I have had the Warrant Officer of the Navy come up with something to replace the farewell clocks with which we are all so familiar.
“I have great pleasure in awarding the first service medallion to Chief Petty Officer Bruce Dougan who is shortly to leave the Navy having completed over 48 years of service and is therefore more than eligible for his Gold Medallion!” he said.
Chief Petty Officer Dougan arrived at HMAS Cerberus in March 1967. He has since served in HMA Ships Vendetta, Melbourne, Supply, Tobruk, Brunei, Balikpapan, Protector, Darwin, Jervis Bay and Tobruk.
“I thank you for the skills you have handed on to hundreds of our sailors," he said.
Service medallions will be presented to personnel by local commands, prior to discharge.

The supply of service medallions are held by Fleet Honours and Awards which will issue them to commands as required.

The guidance for the preparation of Certificate of Appreciation will be available on the Fleet Honours and Awards website.


'Photo and story thanks to Navy News'

Chief Petty Officer "Darcy" Dougan
Engineering Manager, Design Standards

Directorate of Services Lifecycle

Defence Strategic Communications Branch

Department of Defence

 HMN 280 | HMAS Harman | Canberra | ACT | 2600

P: (02) 6266 6636 | E:

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Another Award for an ex Supply Sailor

Lieutenant Commander Alan Willmore was presented his second Federation Star by Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, AO, CSC during a small ceremony held in Canberra

LCDR Wilmore had undertaken over 45 years of service in the Royal Australian Navy

Lieutenant Commander Alan Willmore joined the Navy as a Junior Recruit in January 1970. Serving as a Quarter Master Gunner and then Boatswain through to the rank of Chief Petty Officer in HMA Ships Melbourne (Australia's last aircraft carrier), Stalwart (destroyer tender), Supply (fleet oiler), Stuart and Swan (destroyer escorts), Buccaneer (Attack class patrol boat), and Geraldton (Fremantle class patrol boat).

He enjoyed shore service at HMA Ships Cerberus (in the mid-80s) as a Recruit School Instructor then later as the Senior Instructor. He returned to Cerberus in 1992 where he instructed the last Advanced Quarter Master Gunner course prior to the category transferring to Boatswain. Other shore postings included HMA Ships Creswell, Waterhen and Cairns, Directorate of Sailors' Career Management in Canberra and Patrol Boat Headquarters, Darwin.

One of the standout postings for LCDR Willmore was in the rank of Chief Petty Officer when he was Officer in Charge of the Torpedo Recovery Vessel Tuna based out of Creswell from 1987 to 1992. For his service in Tuna he was awarded a Conspicuous Service Cross.

As Executive Officer of landing craft, HMAS Betano, he received his Commission in 2000. Command followed in 2004-05 in landing craft, HMAS Tarakan, then Gunnery Officer in Minor War Vessel Sea Training Group and Executive Officer of a Hydrographic crew.

More recently, Lieutenant Commander Willmore has returned from four years as the Maritime Surveillance Adviser to the Republic of Palau to serve in Canberra as Staff Officer Pacific Patrol Boat Program.

"Where else could you get a job as diverse as Defence, particularly the Navy," he said.

"Every two to three years you can change tack and head in a different direction and Navy provides the waypoints to your new destination.

"Navy has kept me interested for the past 45 years and I don't see myself anywhere else!"

'Photo and story thanks to Navy News'

Incidently both these men served aboard Supply during the period of 1972 - 1974

Darcy Dougan as a stoker and Alan Wilmore as a ABQMG

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For those of you who may know his I ran into Fred Edwards ex LS EMP aboard Supply he was shopping in Toowoomba. If anyone knows where Fred lives please let me know as I didnt get time to quizz him on his location.



Anyone wanting copies of their service records please use the following addresses.


Ph.02/6266 5816

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To all who enter these hallow Halls, we have attempted to list on this page as many files as we can that will assist our veteran and service community. If there are any up to date files that may assist someone please let us know so we can update the page as soon as possible. Also available below is a downloadable copy of the Tankermen Constitution

Tankermen Constitution

Agent Orange - Toxic Chemicals - Aviation Fuels

A report on Drinking Water problems Drinking Water Problems.pdf

DVA Sarcoidosis Statement DVASarcoidosisSOP. zip

Nuclear Veterans Clarke Report Fallout.pdf

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On behalf of the 17th Intake JRTE HMAS Leeuwin I wish to inform those interested about the 50th Anniversary of 17th Intake JRTE HMAS Leeuwin Oct 1966 to be held 14-16 October 2016, Tweed Heads/Coolangatta.

 All ex 17th members, family and friends/partners welcome.

 For up to date information contact Webmaster - or Wayne Bancroft 0407018011.

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Moran Division
November 28th Intake 1964

Moran Division {RoadRunners]  Intake November 28th 1964
Where: Berri South Australia
Friday 18th Saturday 19th Sunday 20th November 2016

All officers Instructors  and back daters who were involved in Moran
Division  welcomed.
Please contact Max Binding  mobile 0419347041 email
with all your details so we can add you to our mail list
A expression of interest will be sent out in about six months.
Please pass this around.
Many Thanks Max Binding.
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Just received an email from Noel Burgess an ex LMET from Supply's Commissioning crew asking about the following Stewards from the first crew including POSTD Jock Cole, LSTD Norman McLeod STD Percy Norrish  and Wally Rignold. Percy Norrish is the only one in our database so if anyone out there can help please drop me an email asap, Thanks..... The Webmaster.
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The email below was recently received from the wife of a great shipmate so it was thought our duty is to publish it here for everyone who knew him.

To all that knew my loving husband, As some of you may know, my family and I are participating in the ‘Cancer Council – Relay for Life Event’ this year in honour of my husband, Ian McGrigor. It was a year on Friday that we lost such a wonderful man, who not only was such an important part of my whole world, but in so many others. Each day it gets a little bit easier knowing I will never hear that boisterous laughter of his ever again, but as many of you will know, it’s a laugh I will never be able to forget. He was a truly remarkable man, and I am truly grateful that I got to spend my life with him. To all of you who have already donated to our event, I thank you all and appreciate every little cent. Every little bit counts, so I ask to those who knew him, love him or even know someone who has lost or suffered from this horrible disease to donate to an amazing cause to help find a cure and raise awareness. Click the link at the bottom of the page below and hit 'Donate' to our team ‘Ian’s Tigers’!

Thank you all, Christine In loving memory

Mac McGrigor
Farewell Old Friend Smooth Sailing and Calm Seas
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Service Pension Under Threat
Today’s Australian newspaper reports that the government is considering a number of ways to degrade the Service Pension.
One of those ways would impact on Part Pensioners; that is Service pensioners who have other income that reduces their payment.
These extra dollars earned may be through work, or investments or military superannuation.
Presently, for every additional dollar a Part Pensioner earns, he/she loses 50 cents of the Service Pension.
The Australian newspaper reports that the government is considering increasing the amount the Service Pension loses for each additional dollar of income
This is bad news indeed. It was only a few years ago, 2009, that the amount lost for each extra dollar (known as the taper rate) was increased from 40 cents to 50 cents.
At the time, that was thought shocking, as it reduced the incentive to save for retirement. Why bother when so much of the income from those savings would be lost.
And consider this; most ex-service people receiving military superannuation are also receiving a Part Service Pension. When the super increases, it reduces the Service Pension by the taper rate. If the taper rate is increased from its present 50 cents then an increase in your military super payment will knock more off your Service Pension payment. And just when we thought we were getting ahead with the fairer indexation of military superannuation for the over 55s. Looks like they could be gauging back more than we might have gained.
And that’s not all, according to today’s Australian newspaper. The government is considering making the Service Pension Assets test meaner.
And as we recently reported, the government is considering degrading the indexation of the Service Pension so that it would fail to keep up with Australia’s increasing standard of living. That would be going back to 1997 when fair indexation was introduced.

That these changes would even be contemplated is disturbing. If any of them are implemented it would be an attack on veterans’ already pressured living standards.

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Embargo on Records relation to possible ADF-Defence Personnel exposure

Read all about it just click on the link to download the file: Embargo.pdf

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Dr Ian Pfennigwerth Captain RAN Ret'd (who drove the Perth) is writing a book covering the RAN from 1900 to 2014 - with particular emphasis on those who received an honour - e.g. DSM, OAM etc. I am one of his **Beavers** - and having some trouble with the ETs and MTs - can you help please. We can find some info on most - but we'd like to tell their whole story. When EDP took over in 1970 - getting access to records proved difficult. The book mentions all of those in the attachments - but a simple citation **for engineering service to the RAN** says little. We are prepared to send letters with stamped envelopes inside so as to get the info. Many from other branches of the RAN are helping but ETs and MTs are hard. Cheers Terry Feltham 02 6355 2077

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The frames clip onto standard sized New Zealand number plates (360 x 125mm) AND Australian number plates (372 mm x 135 mm)
$22:50 Inc GST (RRP $34:95) PER SET (2 Surrounds)
P&P : Australia & New Zealand - $10:00 Inc GST

Please specify either “AU” or “NZ” and number of sets required. Name, Delivery address and contact Ph Number.

PAYMENT: Paid at time of Order - Acct Name: ITNOW ;
ANZ: 01-0646-0194510-46
Ref: (AU or NZ – “your name”)
Ref: (AU OR NZ - "your name")

FOR those Banking from Australia ... GO TO A WESTPAC BANK ..
the "SWIFT CODE" they require is "ANZBNZ22"
Bank address:100 KARAMU RD NTH - HASTINGS - NZ

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It is with interest that I am adding this link to a very worthy center no doubt there are many amongst us who may be in need of help of some kind, thanks to their service with the Grey Funnel Shipping Lines.

Hopefully the center may be able to help someone in need.

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About the cause:

The Mururoa Nuclear Veterans Group aims to raise funds to start a Trust Fund for the Veterans, their Children and Grandchildren to enable Genetic Medical Testing for Genetic diseases caused by Nuclear Radiation. OUR PATRON is MRS NOELINE COLMAN , Widow of the Late Hon Fraser Colman MP who also attended Mururoa Testing aboard the 2 Navy Frigates in 1973.

The Mururoa Nuclear Veterans Group aims to protect and assist all victims of nuclear testing, obtaining, by all legal means at its disposal, the right to information about the consequences of involvement in nuclear testing programs, health, access to radiological and medical records, the right to pensions, compensation and Duty of Care.

To make a donation please click this link We appreciate every donation we receive,

Mururoa Nuclear Veterans Association Inc

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Veterans Information:

About Seniors
Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association
Aged Care Queensland, community care, respite care, hostels etc.
Alcohol & Drug Foundation (Logan House)
Ancestry & Genealogy USA site
Arthritis Foundation Qld
Australian Government (Commonwealth) Department Health & Ageing
Australian Hearing Service
Australian Pensioners & Superannuants League Qld Inc.
Australian Medical Sites
Births, Deaths & Marriages in Australia
Royal Blind Society
Brisbane Seniors Online
Bingo Online

Council on the Ageing
Commonwealth Department of Families & Community services
Council of Carers Qld
Courier Mail

Department of Families
Diabetes Australia

Energex (formerly SEQEB)

Federal members for Australia
Foodwatch, recipes, nutrition and health checks

Gardening Australia ABC
Gluten free cooking for people suffering coeliac disease
Grocery shopping online “My Grocer”
Shop Fast

Health Qld
Home Assist Secure
Department of Housing (formerly Qld Housing Commission)
Heart Foundation
Holidays for seniors

Independent Living Centre

Justices of the Peace

LANDS Community Transport
Law Issues, practical articles on Australian Law

Meals on Wheels
Mental Health
Australian Medical Sites
Medic Alert

National Seniors
Neighbourhood Watch

Office of Fair Trading

Public Trustee, Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney etc:
Police (Queensland)

Queensland Government
Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture & Trauma

(RTA) Residential Tenancies Authority
Royal Blind Society

Seniors Card
Seniors Club “About Seniors”
Seniors Enquiry Line
Seniors Interest Branch
Seniors Site (Endeavour Web)
Seniors News (peace of mind)
Skin Alert Skin cancer clinics
State Government Members for QLD

Taxation Office (ATO)
Trains Qld Rail
Transport Department Qld
Telstra- Access for everyone
Learn to touch type FREE Access
Tours around Qld on web cam
Travel train holidays

U3A Lifelong Learning

Veteran Affairs
Vietnam Veterans
Volunteering Queensland

War Graves Australia
Womens Weekly

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Agent Orange - Toxic Chemicals - Aviation Fuels

Defence Health Services and the Defence Asbestos Registration Service database.

Until the 1970's asbestos was commonly used as a building material in many Australian buildings. It was frequently used in ships for lagging, fire retarding and soundproofing until the 1990's. Because of this common industry practice some Defence buildings and (All?) naval vessels contain asbestos.

If you feel you may have been exposed to asbestos, (if you were a member of the RAN there is no "may have been" involved - you were!), and you want further advice on possible exposure to asbestos, the Department of Defence - in conjunction with Health Services Australia - conducts a free service for assessment, counselling and, if necessary testing. You can access this service by contacting the Health Services Australia office in your region, on the following phone numbers, but you will first need to contact the Defence Call Centre on 1800 000 655 and obtain a reference number.

Also for those people wanting to have their names entered onto the Beryllium Registry they must call the following number

1800 333 362

Be advised that the call centre number can be difficult to get on to, so you will need to persevere. You will need to have the above reference number when you call the Health Services Australia numbers below.

SYDNEY 02 8396 0680
PARRAMATTA 02 9806 7362 / 7354
NEWCASTLE 02 4926 4033
WOLLONGONG 02 4226 0172
MELBOURNE 03 9224 8376
ADELAIDE OS 8468 6084
BRISBANE 07 3307 9422
DARWIN OS 8981 7492
PERTH 08 9324 6444
CANBERRA 02 6269 2022
HOBART 03 6211 0464

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Missing & Found Crew Members

During Christmas 2015 while shopping in the big Plaza at thew crossroads in Toowoomba I ran across Fred Edwards ex LEMP from the SUPPLY. Fred is looking good, unfortunatly I didn't get time to chat as his wife had him in tow to do last minute shopping. Does anyone know where Fred lives these days???

Many of our ex crew members have always been wondering what happened to their mates they served with during their time with the Grey Funnel Shipping Line. Well here's a space where you can ask questions or have names posted to look for friends.

Does anyone know of the present whereabouts of Shorty Greehalgh last known to reside somewhere in the Brisbane area, No known phone or address at present.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Post Names Requests or Information to the web master at:


First off the start block: Does anyone know the whereabouts of Jim Clegg LSETP aboard during 73 - 76

POETP "Peanuts" O'Donnell who after his stint in the Navy served with the Australian Army for some time.

ABCD Lionel Cummings 66 - 67 Crew, Somewhere in QLD

SbLt Quentin Henry from the 66 to 67 crew. LSBA Huck Finn,

RO Dick Dorham 66 to 67 crew. Mac McCrindle, Dutchy Wiseman.

LS Cook Col Harrison 66 to 67 crew.

LS COX Bruce Constable 1974 Cyclone Tracy trip to Darwin.

Frank Rettalick, Barry Brooks 1966 -67 payed off as a Chief SV Nov 85.

Barry Tomlin S133759 ABMTH 83 - 85, Steve Dixon 74 - 75, Mech Paul Haskins 69-72.

Mech Richard Trunkfield, James Edwards 1965, POETP George Picone, POSN Mann,

Chief TIF Andy Galloway, ME Oscar Deluca,

Chief Steward Dave Blazer, POSN Barry Mann, POETC Greg Peak,

PORS Knocker White, Mech Clem Flanagan, POME Shorty Greenhalgh,

ME Zeke Krczwowczja,

ABETS Mick Crossan 76 - 79, Mech 'Bogey' Knight living somewhere in New Zealand.

Mech Mark 'Snow' Mansen 70 - 74, POME 'Boots' Perry lives in New Zealand.

LSETW Hobbs, ABETW Schneider, ABETW 'Snake' Glaister,

CMDR Pat Rouse 64-66 RAS Deck Officer, Pat passed away some years ago. Pat was to CO of HMAS Hawk from late 1966 to 1967.

RS Dave Jeffery 71-72, POSTD Barny Barnfield

Bob Pollard, SBLT Paul Breen, LT Boyd Robinson,

LSWTR Geoff Hunter, ABSN Nifty Baker,

ABSV Paul Kalazjich, ABWTR Lyll Vosper, ABSTD Don Ambler, LSSTD Gibb,

LSSN Bing Bellingham, ABSTD Scott Mills, LSCK Mark Taylor, LSSV Ratcliffe,

ABCK Les Kovacs, ABSTD Riley, ABSN Pearl, POSN Rick Mansfield, POSTD Col Rowe,

Chief STD Paddy Parkhill, Chief WTR George Demoal, POSV Col Pearne,

ABSTD Bond, ABSTD Drysdale, ABSTD Hutchinson, LSSTD Harrod.

Aboard HMAS Supply when the Melbourne hit the USS Frank E Evans

AB Cook Bruce Morley, AB Cook Knocker White, AB Cook Bill Sercombe,

ABRP John Searche, LSSTD Shorty Duggan.

Commissioning Crew 1962

ERA's Graham Wakefield,Ian Taber, George Ayres, LSBA John 'Lofty' Still, Jock innes,

Chief Stoker Norm Rosser, POME John Silver, Peter Matthews,

Coxswain Bob Errington, , Mech Don Carey, POME ?? Gordon, ME Gino Dodkin,

RS Tiny Linings, RO Alan Murgatroyd, LRO Buck Moore, Neil Bickford LSCK Ray Waldon,

LSCK Ray Clauscen, LSCK Schmit, LSCK 'Bluey' Petersen, ABCK Lanach,

ABCK Harry Ross,

LCDR Schmack, PO Pat Sneath RIP. Just received an email from Noel Burgess an ex LMET from Supply's Commissioning crew asking about the following Stewards from the first crew including POSTD Jock Cole, LSTD Norman McLeod STD Percy Norrish  and Wally Rignold. Percy Norrish is the only one in our database so if anyone out there can help please drop me an email asap, Thanks.....

I just had an email last week from Vic Martin ex Steward from Supply's Coimmissioning crew. Vic is enjoying retirement in WA and can be reached via email.


If anyone has any information about lost sailors please send the info to the Secretary at so it can be entered into the web site asap.

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For those of us wanting to refresh the memory of our working life with the Grey Funnel Shipping LineCheck out the Navy News link dating from the late 1950's to the present.
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