Looking to the future we have had very little interest in the Tanker Association in past years and there has been very few past tankermen who have actually payed membership fee's in the last few years.

After receiving advice from the last duely elected President and Life Member Bob Currin and with only one currently financial member excluding two Life Members we have decided to close the Association at the end of 2017

It has been an eventful journey since we formed the Association and we have had some very enjoyable occasions including our reunion at Rooty Hill RSL where we met up with many ex crew members and enjoyed a great time. But since that time we have had a steady decline in interest although I must thank those members who have remained financial over the years.

I will be glad in one way that we will close down as I have spent many hours out of my family time working on the web site to keep it updated as well as looking after the Association's finances but now with pressing family commitments and with retirement and our wish to travel I can no longer continue.

It was decided at a meeting of some members in 2009 at a full committee meeting attendance at Tamworth NSW in 2009 that if the Association did fold that any remaining finances after debts were payed would be donated to a charity so there were no arguements about finances.

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